Belgium is a small country divided in three language zones. We live in Flanders (the Flemish/Dutch speaking region). The second region is Wallonie (French speaking), and there is a third small zone where German is spoken.

The Flemish language is close to Dutch, in the same way as Oxford English is similar to US English.

But don't worry about or language.
Most people are speaking two or more languages... Common is French and English, but you'll meet a lot of people speaking German and even Spanish.

When dining out don't be surprised to find your menu in five or more different languages, including Russian, Japanese and Chinese.

More about Sint-Andries-Brugge, Flanders and Belgium

As you can see in this Google Map, Sint-Andries is a district of the city of Bruges and is located at about 3 km from the
Smedenpoort (Blacksmith's Gate), one of the four remaining historical gates of the medieval city of Bruges.
Bruges is located in West-Flanders, the most western of all provinces, near the North Sea coast.

Coming to Bruges gives you plenty of opportunities to travel around in the region, but also to vist our neighbour countries... Holland (the Netherlands) is within 15 Km, the French border is only 40-50 km away from here, and the UK is easy to reach by ferry from Ostend or from Calais (France) and even by the "chunnel" (tunnel under the Channel).
But there is even more: you can travel to Germany for day trips (only a 2 hours drive) and Paris is only 3 hours driving away from Bruges...